Feedback from our Participating Leaders

  • It was very interesting in seeing the overview perspective for each Board member from a un biased source and how we interact with each other.
  • I have read your overview recommendations and it is very useful to have input using evidence gained from other companies because I am mindful that we can get wrapped up in the day to day mundane decisions and become very insular. We welcome your suggestions and we will attempt to improve the structure of our future meetings to increase the effectiveness.
  • I found this useful – I can’t remember ever previously having feedback on my style of chairing a meeting. I was also surprised that my style is so facilitative even though I have been trying to move in that direction over the years (and also move to a “leadership from the back” approach).
  • I found it very interesting, quite thought provoking – it is rare to have time to think about what you say and how you say it. I think I can learn something from it.
  • The report reads well which is of course pleasing and the recommendations are useful. If all the reports were as positive as this one then I guess what they really felt is in those recommendations.It is interesting to have a 3rd party view of our meetings as it is difficult to assess its success yourself apart from having a general feel for whether it went well or badly. By breaking it down as they have is fresh insight.
  • It is a unique opportunity to received unbiased feedback on my own chairmanship of a meeting and I personally regard your feedback as extremely valuable. The report will be something I will be able to use to ensure that I continue to chair meetings effectively and I will also use the areas you highlighted which I could focus on to improve as one of my development objectives¬† for the future to further increase my personal effectiveness.
  • It was fascinating and useful to have external feedback on how I might improve my meetings by the use of language , and also how I might encourage a more inclusive style of meeting. Thanks for the help
  • Overall as an Executive team we have enjoyed working with you both on this project and have found the individual and joint report on the organisation really useful. We will use the feedback as part of our individual development plans for the future. Whilst the benchmarking against other organisations was not a major part of the feedback were you did manage to compare us against other organisations this was really helpful & insightful. Should the opportunity arise¬† for us to work with you further in comparing our practice against other organisations we would welcome the opportunity to be part of your research in the future.